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JNR are one of the largest independent family run fire protection companies in the UK. We offer fire protection services locally in Manchester and we boast a large client base Nationally.

We service many leading companies throughout Manchester and have an exemplary past record. With a wealth of experience we offer our clients the highest standards of fire protection giving our clients both value for money and a quality service.

As a Constructionline & Firas Accredited, Chas Accredited, Builders Profile certified company, we assure you of high quality products and services that meet all required standards.

We look at all aspects projects whatever the scope and scale, regardless if the project is based in Manchester or located elsewhere nationally.

We take your fire protection requirements seriously and at JNR we are dedicated to providing an approach that’s both fit for purpose and cost-effective to meet your requirements and delivered with first class customer service.

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Fire Curtains

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Fire curtains prevent the spread of fire and smoke through voids and also provide compartmentation between different areas within buildings.
JNR can install and maintain both lightweight flexible fire curtains or insulating fire barrier curtains to provide up to 120 minutes fire protection within both occupied and unoccupied facilities.  This includes lofts, ceiling voids and risers and the fire curtains ensure no fire or smoke can spread from one compartment to the next.

With roof voids we carry out surveys to highlight what is required to make sure buildings are in accordance with building regulations and to ensure that fire compartment walls are continued above the ceiling and into the roof void.  If required we can also provide and install fire-rated access hatches, walkways and handrails for the roof space as well as improving its insulation.

All fire curtains installed by JNR are fully tested, certified and comply with the relevant BS or EN standards.

Penetration Sealing

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Penetration seal systems for fire stopping are a highly effective form of passive fire protection (PFP). They are used to thoroughly compartmentalise a building to restrict the spread of fire. Using fire sealing products to either fill imperfections and gaps between fire-resistant areas. Or, to create a fire-resistant surface thus creating a penetration seal system. These systems will protect your construction’s surfaces; cables; ventilation; and piping by using technologies including rockwool; graphite; and intumescent acrylic.

Fire Blanket

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Fire Boarding

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Fire Doors

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Intumescent Paint

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As an approved onsite applicator for all of the UK’s leading intumescent coatings JNR can offer the most versatile and cost-effective intumescent solutions for the fire protection of structural steel.
The complete range of intumescent coatings we offer can achieve 30, 60 or 120 minutes fire protection depending on what is required by the client.  All intumescent coatings are specifically applied to the appropriate dry film thickness to achieve the required fire protection and are tested onsite in accordance with our third party certification.

Our CSCS qualified operatives have the experience, training and qualifications to apply the complete range of intumescent coatings. JNR have also developed a twelve point checklist which all our operatives carry out before any works are handed over. This checklist covers all the requirements needed to ensure the achievement of the required fire rating.

Coatings can be sealed with topcoats to most BS and RAL colours and also sprayed to a decorative finish if required.

Case Study

Moorside School

Location: 57, Deans Road, Swinton, Manchester, M27 0AP



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JNR was tasked with completing fire stopping penetration sealing works at Moorside School in Manchester.


A risk assessment and method statement was put into place before any work was carried out; a SSSTS supervisor was stationed on site in order to oversee operatives. A fire protection system was planned and put into place with the main client (Alpha Student Management Ltd). A system was also put into place to ensure all materials were stored correctly and any waste or unwanted materials were correctly disposed of. All working operatives were DBS checked before any work was carried out as well as all operatives having a CSCS card and being FIRAS trained.


  • Discussion and effective communication with Client to Assess and plan implementation of materials and other required work.
  • Preparation of site and distribution of materials across the site.
  • Implementation of work.
  • On going communication with work force and client to ensure all parties are aware of proceedings throughout the period of work.
  • Closing down discussion with Client once work is completed.


  • Identify key areas of work and client requirements.
  • Establish required number of workforce and quantity of materials.
  • Ensure all work is carried out according to regulation guidelines and company policies.
  • Overcome and rectify any potential barriers or problematic issues.
  • All completed works stickered, signed and documented.
  • Advise client once work is completed, convey any problems that may have arisen and discuss payment protocols.


  • Completed and integrated fire protection system to meet FIRAS accreditation requirements.

  • Satisfied client.



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