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JNR Ltd is a family owned and run business, which is one of the largest independent fire protection companies in the UK. We offer services such as Fire Protection, Fire Stopping, Fire Barriers & Fire Doors.

Due to our exemplary record, JNR Ltd is the fire protection supplier of choice for many leading companies throughout the UK. As a Firas Accredited, Chas Accredited, Constructionline & Builders Profile certified company, we assure you of high quality products and services that meet all required standards.

Whatever the scope and scale of your requirements, give us a call and we look forward to discussing how we can help you out.

At JNR Ltd, we take your fire protection requirements seriously and are dedicated to providing an intelligent approach to delivering cost-effective solutions with first class customer service.

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Fire Doors

Very important in the process of compartmentalising a building to slowing a fire and preventing smoke flow from room to room.

We supply and fit a wide range fire doors invaluable for protecting life and protecting the building should the unthinkable happen. The most common doors are FD30 & FD60 fire doors but we have a range to suite most environments.

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Fire Barriers

Seal up wall cavities with fire barriers to slow the spread of fire and smoke between rooms during a building fire.

The spread of a fire is reduced by building compartmentation and fire barriers form an invaluable part of this protection. By using fire-resistant material installed at the junction between an external cavity wall and compartment floor, wall and some internal cavities then these compartments really make a difference.

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Penetration Sealing

Building legislation currently identifies that penetration sealing is critical for retaining fire compartment integrity allowing more valuable time for people to exit a building.

Penetration Sealing is required where ever an item breaches a wall or floor. We have a range of options to achieve penetration sealing including Intumescent sealants, Pipe wraps and fire pillows.

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Fire Boarding

Fire Boarding in new buildings are used to insulate or redistribute heat in addition to create a flame-resistant compartmentation barrier.

As one of the most popular forms of fire protection, Fire Boarding is highly resistant to heat, lightweight and easy installed in the construction of new buildings for an efficient solution to fire protection.

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