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What is penetration sealing?

Penetration sealing systems are critical in maintaining the fire rating and preventing the spread of smoke between fire compartments in walls and floors where mechanical, electrical and general services are present.

They are designed to seal gaps and voids formed by things like piping, cables, and wall spaces that penetrate into compartment walls and floors. This is because gaps like these can allow flames and smoke to spread through a building in the event of fire.

Why is penetration sealing important?

Penetration sealing raises the overall fire safety standards of a building and thus offers additional protection to anyone who works or lives there.

Current building legislation identifies that penetration sealing compliance is crucial in retaining the integrity of a buildings fire compartments and maximises the amount of time available for people to escape from a building.

Where is penetration sealing required?

Penetration sealing is required through any penetrations within a building. This could be in breaches in both sides of a floor, a floor-ceiling or a wall assembly that accommodates an item passing.

How is penetration sealing achieved?

In accordance with building regulations, cavity barriers should be installed at the junction between an external cavity wall and every compartment floor and compartment wall. The exception to this is when the walls have two leaves or masonry or concrete with a minimum thickness of 75mm. Cavity barrier should also be installed at the junction between an internal wall and every compartment floor, compartment wall, or other wall or door assembly that forms a fire-resisting barrier.

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Intumescent sealants work by adhering to a surface and forming a non-hardening flexible seal.

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Pipe wraps and collars are a simple yet effective method of fire-resistance. Collars often consist of a coated steel sleeve containing a flexible graphite based intumescent liner which is then fixed surely to a structure. Wraps are often made of layers of graphite intumescent sheets sat within a flexible roll which can be fitted to pipes of various sizes.

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Fire pillows are designed to prevent the spread of fire where cables penetrate walls and floors. Every pillow is constructed with a sealed fabric pillow filled with a high expansion intumescent material that produces a barrier of foam when subjected to heat. This helps to provide a seal against any flames and hot gas.

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