It is impossible to predict with absolute certainty when and where a fire could take place within your building. Therefore an effective fire barrier system that mitigates the effects of a fire within your building is essential for a number of reasons:

1. To slow the spread of the fire and buy time

By slowing the spread of the fire by using a fire barrier system, you can buy time for people in the building to evacuate to a safe area. Using a combination of fire doors, fire blankets, and fire boarding, you can make it very difficult for a fire to spread through a building. It is important that your fire barrier system is regularly checked and if fire door repairs are needed, be sure to use a reputable fire door company

2. To compartmentalise the fire

Through the use of an effective, professionally installed fire barrier system, a fire can be contained within one area of a building, potentially saving hundreds of thousands of pounds in fire damage.

3. To contain harmful gases and smoke

Penetration sealing can be used to fill gaps or imperfections between fire-resistant areas, sealing out harmful gases and smoke that could cause damage to ventilation systems, cables, piping, and people.

4. It’s Cost-effective

At JNR we work closely with our clients and architects to ensure we provide the cost-effective and appropriate fire barrier systems for each project we take on. Once installed there is little to no maintenance costs and you can rest assured that you are protected should a fire occur in your building.

5. Its the Law

The law states that a building must have adequate emergency escape routes & exits. This can only be achieved fully through an effective fire barrier system.

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