It is impossible to predict with absolute certainty when and where a fire could take place within your building. Therefore an effective fire barrier system that mitigates the effects of a fire within your building is essential for a number of reasons:

A fire within your building has the potential to cause loss of life and extensive damage to your property. It is impossible to know when and where a fire could break out, so the installation of an effective Fire Protection System is essential in order to mitigate this risk. When installed properly by experts such as JNR Ltd., fire protection systems meets all four of the following goals.

Prevent a Fire

The best way to prevent fire damage is to prevent a fire from starting in the first place. The usage of fire-resistant materials in construction can help to do this. JNR offers a comprehensive range of fire stopping solutions to ensure that walls, rooves, floors, service risers, and voids retain their fire resistance.

Detect a Fire

The effective installation of smoke-detectors can help to detect fires early on, which mitigates the damage that they can cause and the threat that the fire poses to people and property.

Compartmentalise and Mitigate

JNR are expert installers of Fire blankets, fire boarding, fire doors, and penetration sealing. These are all essential components of an effective fire protection system, as they are able to prevent the spread of fire from one area to another. This protects other areas from fire damage,

Buy time for the Evacuation of Personnel

A fire protection system can slow the spread of a fire in your building, which buys time for the people inside to evacuate. The use of the likes of fire doors can make it very difficult for a fire to spread to areas in which personnel reside, giving them time to get out of the building quickly and safely.

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