If you have been looking at various methods to improve the fire safety of a building, you’ll naturally have come across many fire stopping solutions. It can be hard, however, to determine which fire protection solutions are right for your needs. Below we take a look at some of the most popular fire protection solutions.

1. Intumescent paint

Intumescent paint, also referred to as an intumescent coating, is considered passive fire protection. At a low temperature, intumescent paint remains stable and unchanged. However, when the paint is exposed to high heat (around 200°C), the coating expands significantly. Though it varies, intumescent paint can expand to around 100-times its original thickness. The swelling of the paint forms an insulator around a metal structure and prevents the structure from being affected by the high temperature.

2. Fire curtain

Should the worst happen and you experience a fire in your building, a fire curtain will prevent the fire from spreading and stop smoke travelling to different areas of your building. Fire curtains can provide an impressive 120 minutes of fire protection and can be used to protect lofts, risers and ceiling voids from being filled with smoke.

3. Fire doors

Fire doors are an essential element in a fire safety plan. Fire doors contain intumescent strips which expand when the door reaches a certain temperature, sealing the door to prevent smoke from entering. It is essential, however, that you regularly check and maintain your fire doors to ensure they are a functioning fire stopping solution.

4. Penetration sealing

Penetration sealing systems are used to section a building to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. Penetrative sealing can either be used to fill gaps between fire-resistant areas or address any holes and imperfections in a fire-resistant surface.

If you want to learn more about fire protection solutions and how they can be used as part of a passive fire protection system, do not hesitate to contact JNR Fire Protection Specialists. We can help you determine which fire stopping solutions are right for your building and ensure your property is covered by elite fire protection. To learn more about our services and to achieve the fire rating you require, get in touch with our team today!