When investing in property and repairs, a crucial and sometimes overlooked consideration is fire safety. If you gamble with fire safety, you’re gambling with people’s lives. Fire protection is one of the most important safety elements of a building, and if you enlist the assistance of fire stopping companies, you will find there is much more to fire safety than classic fire doors.

What is intumescent paint?

Intumescent paint is an effective way to protect load-bearing steel beams in the event of a fire. It is applied to the structural elements of a building and creates a layer of insulation against high temperatures. By investing in passive fire protection, you increase the length of time in which a building maintains its structural integrity in the event of a fire. By using intumescent paint contractors to apply the product, you can be sure of additional fire safety. Furthermore, different kinds of paint can be applied to different surfaces, e.g. intumescent paint for steel, wood, and concrete.

How does it work?

When exposed to high temperatures, the paint swells and increases in volume to create a barrier. This helps to prevent the structural collapse of a building, allowing more time for the safe evacuation of people and emergency services. By delaying the onset of critical temperatures, intumescent paint acts as a passive fire protection coating. A qualified fire protection company will assess and advise you on the use of the paint within a building, providing a professional experience for exemplary fire safety practices.

How should I prepare the paint?

For peace of mind, we recommend that intumescent paint contractors are hired to apply the product. Owing to a large amount of variation between each product for each surface, the best way to be certain in your decision is to follow the advice of fire stopping companies. A good company will be accredited and certified to meet all standards required for effective fire safety. An investment in the safety of yourself and others is always a good investment.

Why JNR?

JNR is a well-established fire protection company, and one of the largest in the UK. Owing to our expertise, we are the fire safety consultants of choice for many leading companies. Bring our expertise onboard your next project by getting in touch today to find out how we can help you stay safe.