One way to prevent a potential fire spreading is having fire doors in place, and these are required by law in any commercial property. But you may be thinking, how effective are they as a fire barrier?

The effectiveness of fire doors is dependent on whether they are maintained and inspected. Here at JNR, if we install a door for you, we will also include regular inspection and maintenance. We recommend that fire doors are inspected every 6-12 months, as this will increase their overall effectiveness.

At JNR, we provide fire protection in London and the rest of the UK. We have a large client base across the country and specialise in fire door installation, inspection and maintenance. We can fit any commercial or residential building with fire doors in London, and beyond.

So why are fire doors important, and how effective are they?

Fire doors are crucial in delaying the spread of a fire in a building, as they bide valuable time by keeping the affected area sealed off from the rest of the building. This allows time for people to escape and prevents further damage from spreading throughout the building. They also act as a barrier to smoke entering through the building, which reduces the prospect of smoke inhalation.

Fire doors are fitted with intumescent strips which expand when the door reaches a certain temperature, sealing the door to prevent smoke from entering. Fire doors are also fitted with a fire door closer, which enables the door to shut automatically once it is opened and this is crucial to prevent the fire from spreading throughout the building.

They are an essential form of fire protection as they allow time and can prevent fires from escalating. Fire doors are designed to sustain fire for around 30-60 minutes, giving more time for emergency services to get to the site.

For fire doors to be truly effective, they must be maintained regularly, and any concerns with the doors should be reported immediately.

JNR services take the importance of fire door maintenance very seriously, and we can survey your doors to see if they pass or fail. We will then provide modifications and any necessary replacement doors.

All in all, fire doors provide a significant amount of protection to any building, but ensuring they are regularly maintained is essential to increase their overall effectiveness. Here at JNR, we provide businesses and residential buildings with fire protection, fire barriers and fire doors throughout London and beyond.